Accommodation/Hotels in Ohrid or other cities in Macedonia

We mediate in providing accommodation services and we have cooperation with many hotels in Ohrid, villas, apartments and other accommodation facilities in Ohrid and other cities in North Macedonia. We care for our customers to get the best accommodation for the price they will pay. The most of the time we work with ohrid hotels and tourist groups.

We work with many hotels with star rating of 3*** or 4**** or 5*****, villas and apartments that are checked and proven, if you need accommodation, hotel in Ohrid, contact us so we will make sure that you will get accommodation that would best suit your requirements.

The ancient city of Ohrid, situated on the shore of lake Ohrid, has for many years been a center and a true pearl of Macedonia's tourism with many appartments with views of the lake, villas, private accommodation with private bathrooms, some popular hotel with private parking and 24hour front desk, good family hotels with buffet breakfast included, hotels with pools, nice budget hotels in Ohrid, resort and spa hotels, 4stars hotels with different hotel features that you can find throughout the property of the hotel etc. Ohrid once had 365 churches, because of the large number of churches it is called European Jerusalem, the christianity dates back from the time of Saint Paul, in his honor the Ohrid airport bears his name, the most famous churches in Ohrid are: Church of st John, St Naum monastery, Saint Sophia church, Church of st Clement and church Holy Mary Perybleptos. Church of Holy Mary Perybleptos is located in Ohrid in the old part if the city, the church is from 13 century. The monastery of St Naum is approximetly 30 kilometars from Ohrid by road or you can get there from port Ohrid, at summer time there is regular line to st naum from the port ohrid, the Church of st Naum and Saint Sophia are the most visited churches in ohrid, from the rest of the monuments the Samoils fortress is the most visited, Samoils fortress is a landmark of Ohrid and decived many views of the lake. Ohrid and Ohrid Lake are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list as a monument of culture and nature and its one of the most visited Macedonia sightseeing places. Ohrid is a city that has many cultural and historical monuments, narrow streets, restaurants, cafes, Ohrid airport, nightclubs, family hotels with shared lounge bars, hotels with pools, budget hotels in ohrid and luxury hotels in Ohrid with fitness centre. In the center of the city, minute walk you can find many shops with average price and monuments, but parking is available out of season. Apart from the historical-cultural core, you can enjoy many cultural events and festivals throughout the year or relax with coffee somewhere on the shore of lake Ohrid. If you need accommodation in Macedonia for vacation as: Ohrid hotel, spa hotel, Ohrid villa, Ohrid appartments with flatscreen tv and cable channels, budget hotels which are in the town of Ohrid or few kilometars from Ohrid or 5minute walk from lake Ohrid, you are on the right place. Depending from the accommodation ussually in some popular hotel in ohrid you can find outdoor swimming pool which are working like seasonal outdoor pools, also every hotel has flatscreen tv with cable channels and 24hour front desk, some of the hotels have and restaurant free private parking if parking is available and different breakfast options like buffet breakfast in shared lounge bar, every room has private bathrooms, the hotel can be located in ohrid in central location or outside the city. Ussualy at the private accommodation there are not breakfast options but in the city with 5minute walk you can find close restorant. In the city you can find many famous beaches like: Kaneo beach, Cuba libre beach, labino beach etc., also some of the luxury hotels in Ohrid with 4 star rating which are not in the central location have own beach and some of the 4stars hotels and fitness centre and other hotel features that you can find throughout the property of the 4stars hotels. Despite labino beach, the famous Cuba libre beach its good beach which makes seasonal outdoor parties, 8minute walk from cuba libre you can find the beautifull biljanas springs. Minute walk from biljanas springs there is nice restorant that has the same name, also in ohrid there are many restorants where you can try macedonian food, part of the restorants have restaurant free private parking for their quests. The quests that like to feel the nature swim in Ohrid lake, because the water its very pure and they dont need outdoor swimming pool.

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